Wave IT Services

Computer Service & Sales

On-site or real time assistance is available depending on the project or contract job we agreed on. We also do online real time instant messaging and telephone

We can test your system from top to bottom.

There are some many tests that are not talked about

even by your installer of your internet system or wireless



We can make your system work proper without 

costing you for programs and labor you don't want and

don't need!



When the others have no clue how or what is out there

now, we are five years ahead of the basic IT services.

We are the first to have all new products on the market

for our clients.


We can bring our 30 years of hands on computer cutting edge work in the field to keep you and any business way ahead of anyone else you know or deal with.

With over 40's years in electronics, building from the ground up systems plus real time owner operator of a wildly successful business using the internet  & computers for over "20 years internationally" working with over 15 different countries.Now sold to my employee's, I now want to use the skills learned to help you!

I can put together some of the most advanced systems in every aspect of computers-internet-security-video-WiFi-beaming amps.I don't need to prove myself,my track record is proof enough

Best of all, affordable!

There is so much that we can explain while offering many more services that others that say they are experts never even talk about let alone explain.