Wave IT Services

Computer Service & Sales

Business and Home Computer Services include:      Service & Sales                                                                    




System Performance-Maintenance-Diagnostic-

Upgrading-Full system Evaluation.

Platform-Browser-Search Engines-Software and Hardware


Hard Drive-Motherboard-Video Drivers-Audio Streaming-

internet Telephone systems Bios ect.

Server systems all types RED HAT/Microsoft

TechNet/Windows Server 2008

Networking-WI-FI-Cable-Satellite-Fiber Optics

Web hosting-Websites-E mail-Domains

Virus-spyware-piggybacking-mailware-all aspects of internet systems

Video Conferencing-Net Phone-Net meeting

Remote-Monitoring-Security Systems

Plus much much more.

We provide on site or pickup, also walk in assistance with an appointment.

Solid State storage systems

High speed Broad band setup-testing

Nano optic-transduction copying

Bluetooth-Hawking WI-FI 7 Radio labs -Luxul wireless

Cloud  the new world 

Mesh Networks

High speed White Space expansion for your local town or business


Highly advanced Diagnostic equipment plus state of the art computers and programs which are cutting edge for the industry.

We work hard to "demystify the computer and its components", while explaining all aspects of every project or repair to our clients.

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